The Creation

I have posted this poem into a poets blog, Poet By Day and felt that it deserves its spot in my space.

I dedicate it to my beautiful wife, Laura.

The Creation

The radiant Sun rises,

Former black, empty shadows,

Reformed. Full. Colourful.

Exploding, popping, intriguing –

Spellbinding to Everyone.

Myself, mystified, bewildered, bemused…As it

Transformed, singular to plural, a whole

Intertwining of emotions,

Heart to heart throbbing, pulsing, pounding

Throughout our minds, bodies and souls.

The portrait of perfection before me;

An artist (unique) skilled to create a


By the Hand of God you breathe

The sweet succulent scent of hope and desire,

Humble (curious) as the spring bee I am drawn

Naturally my starving eyes feast.

Feeling of uncertainty and disbelief evaporate as

Real fireworks of emotion form and take over –

Controlling and honing the skies of senses to One;

With which the Moon rises to

Shadows now revealed, open and completely aware.

Alongside the vast peace and utter calm

I stand, wholly joined with

Love, hand in hand, heart to heart with



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